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Post-16 Education Consortium for Gwynedd and Anglesey

The main aim of this project is strategic transformation to establish Gwynedd and Anglesey as an area of excellence in post-16 learning, firmly founded on the cost effective and efficient joint planning and delivery of services for post-16 education and training.    

This will be achieved by bringing 16 public service partners across the two counties together, including all public sector learning institutions, to work more effectively than they can individually.   The PDGYM project will establish and implement a consistent and structural joint approach – a Consortium framework – which will ensure that post-16 education and training is planned strategically and delivered (cost) effectively across the two counties for the benefit of post-16 learners.  

 It will allow the sub-region to combine top class learning experiences with the potential to expand the range of post-16 subjects on offer, and to match them to the future economic opportunities of the sub-region including those of the emerging high value sectors of energy, environment, science, medical and digital sectors as well as the creative industries, thereby ensuring that learning in Gwynedd and Anglesey provides a route of opportunity to the local labour market and contributes to the future growth and sustainability of the sub-regional economy.  

 The project will establish a tertiary system rather than a tertiary establishment. 

This is an innovative approach, quite different from the usual establishment-based approaches adopted elsewhere, and it will offer a model that can be adapted by other areas seeking a planned approach to the planning and delivery of post-16 learning – especially in rural areas.    The project’s design has taken account of the themes and lessons which have emerged from other learning partnership projects.   

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