We are in the process of recruiting young people (17-25 years old) for our ‘Byw a Bod’ projects over this summer.

Below are the positions for the two projects this year.

  1. 1.       ‘Byw a Bod Digital’ Jobs

    Byw a Bod Digidol

We will be recruiting and employing 10 young people from Gwynedd and Anglesey (which may be studied elsewhere) and organizes work placements with ICT businesses in Gwynedd and Anglesey for 10 weeks over the summer. They will need to have skills STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics).

• Post details and the application form can be found on our website here http://www.arloesigwyneddwledig.com/gweithgareddau/prosiectau/thema-6-cydweithredol/byw-a-bod-digidol/?lang=en    .com  

  1. 2.       ‘Byw a Bod Performance’ Jobs

    Byw a Bod Perfformio

We will be recruiting and employing 10 young creative people (17-25 years old) from Gwynedd & Anglesey (they can  be studying elsewhere) for 10 weeks over the summer. They must have skills in either performance, marketing, management or filming.

The 4 posts will be:

1. Devise and perform (7 young people)

2. Marketing and Promotion (1 young person)

3. Project management and administration. (1 young person)

4. Technical/ Filming (1 young person)

• Details about the positions and the Performing Live and Be appropriate application forms available on our website here http://www.arloesigwyneddwledig.com/gweithgareddau/prosiectau/thema-6-cydweithredol/byw-a-bod-perfformio/?lang=en    

The closing date is the 28th of April 2017.

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